1 Agatha Appears (beginning)

3 Passengers only (Tp)
5 Staff only (Tp)

19 Commander Greetings
20 Teleportacia Video Report (23.02.99-28.02.99)
2 Waiting Room Gallery (Tp)

21 Identity Swap Database (with Irational.org) *
Courier Service (donated by Irational.org)

 THE BEST RADIO SHOW Gas Station (once)
for heike, dragan and your browser Some Universe
Bora Bora

6 Gravity 16 War 13 Currency
18 Law 17Design 17Reading
17 Competitor

19 Agatha Appears (next episode)

- leaving configuration behind
- good bye jack, good bye sue
- no matter where, no matter when
- mind the gap
- no obligation, no pressure
- not MLM
- we make life easier
- send email address as an anonymous FTP password
- we like to see you smile
- a mighty impressive app, maybe even an IE killer
- it is a gift, not a toy
- the first part is the sending part. the second part is the receiving part
- there is a man in all of us
- why risk a surgery
- you will say to yourself "Holy shit how the fuck does it fit in that small hole"
- Your Lover Will Thank You!
- Or call 1-800-804-4352 and clearly spell out your email address
- Don't be fooled by what nature gave you
- As seen on NBC, CBS, CNN, and even Oprah!
- This is how Cartman's mom got pregnant!
- Delay beyond our control

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If so, Identity Swap Database might be useful for you. Here you will find people who are prepared to loan or permanently exchange their identities.*