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3 Stars

Aphrodite's Love Palace

Review: If you're feeling a little amorous, Aphrodite's Love Palace is the place to be. To start, whet your lips with a cyberkiss, from the simple smack to the knee-shaking L'Amore Italiano. Find that special gift for that someone in your life in 'Spoiling the Bel...

2 Stars

Love and Rockets Home Page

Review: This American Recordings site offers a very brief description of the band, Love and Rockets, fan club electronic mailing list information, etc.

not rated
Review: The notorious Courtney Love is the topic of discussion here.

3 Stars
Love, Sex and Marriage- Erotica
Review: This site offers an extensive bibliography of books on the topics of Love, Sex and Marriage- Erotica. Books range from 'Letters To Penthouse' and 'Pleasures - Women Write Erotica' to 'Sexual harassment - Confrontations and Decisions.' Pricing and ordering ...

2 Stars
Mad Love Review -
Review: The Mad Love Review Web page, produced by contains a review on this movie staring Drew Barrymore, and Chris O'Donnell. After reading the review, the browser can 'add your 2 cents,' and leave a note that is posted to a virtual bulletin board - or r...

2 Stars
greenThe Love Page!
Review: Nobody, not even close friends of the happy couple who serve as subjects of this smarmy site, can stifle the nausea that lurches when they happen upon Heidi and Aaron's Love site. You know how vile public displays of affection can become? These lovebirds h...

2 Stars
The Loser Love Songs Web Page
Review: Hurt Me and My Selfish-Self are just some of the many loud soundclips featured on 'The Loser Love Songs' Web page. The site's authors claim these are clips from San Francisco's underground, but the songs are not attributed to any particular bands.

2 Stars
Look Within -- Inspirations of Love
Review: Editor Ann Mills shares the teachings of Dadaji (d. 1992) in the book "Look Within -- Inspirations of Love," a compilation of newspaper articles, unpublished letters, manuscripts, video clips, and transcribed audio tapes about a man who believed that no gu...

2 Stars
Gard's Laws On Love
Review: People who are in love may not be able to relate to the Gard's Laws On Love home page; other users might think that Gard takes a cynical view of this emotion. Whatever a user's point of view may be, this site will certainly provoke profound thought on the ...

2 Stars
Love Bytes - The Online Dating Handbook
Review: This Web page is a promotional piece for Love Bytes - The Online Dating Handbook by David Fox. The site provides a brief argument for the advantages of meeting people online and how this book can help. This is followed by a list of the table of contents wi...

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